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06 Feb 2012
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Parsley is finally sprouting! Also, transplanted the rest of the celery to 2" blocks & moved to the bottom (unheated) shelf. Lost one of the 2" Rossa di Milano blocks to damping off.

I am going to need to make some more 2" blocks with the 3/4" cube insert. The Parsley and Chamomile are up and will need to be transplanted withing a few days. When I tried this insert for the first time last week, the blocks didn’t release as well and many broke from my fussing. I think you need to be more careful about not overly wetting the soil for the cube insert blocks.

The last batch of 2" blocks were made with the Hortibec Seed Starting Mix with added vermicompost, leaf mold and some extra perlite. I measured the vermicompost and mixed in an equal amount of leaf mold. Then I mixed 3
parts vermicompost/leaf mix with 4 parts of the Hortibec. It looked a bit heavy, so I thre in a bit more perlite. I overwatered the soil mix, so had to more dry soil and consequently made more blocks than I wanted, so I set them out in mesh trays in the laundry room and turned the fan on to help dry them out. I made them last Wednesday and they are nearly dry. I rewet some tonight and they soaked up the water nicely.




Oh – you have one of those block making thingies! How about posting a pic? I’ve seen one in a catalogue at £19.25 and am wondering if they are worth it. Does yours get a lot of use?

Posted on 06 Feb 12 (over 4 years ago)

I think you can fin some pics in my ‘indoor garden’ or under some of the onion entries – evergreen bunching onions for sure. I have only had my soil blockers since January, so I’m new at it. So far, I love them!
I’m using an organic potting mix with some added vermicompost, and they’re holding together really well.

Posted on 16 Feb 12 (over 4 years ago)

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