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05 Feb 2012
Sunny 9°C / 48°F

There are pretty much two months out of the year here where I don’t garden. If I was really tenacious I could, because I see people doing it around here (the weeds also grow continually), but I don’t. Or at least, I haven’t yet. I probably will be more with it next year and actually give it a go.

Here I am, on the cusp of starting seeds for this year, and I’m already thinking about when it’ll be time to pull up the mature plants because they’ve all died, and what I’ll do with the space then!

I have big plans this year. The list of what’s getting started is made, and the seeds have been all set aside. I have my seed starting calendar up and running, and all I need now is to whittle the days away, waiting to actually start them.

I learned last year that I was just too hot to trot, and I started all my tomatoes way too early (super bowl Sunday last year, in fact). This year I am not doing that. This year I am waiting until the end of February (although I will be starting my peppers and cotztomatl in mid-Feb).

I’m going to pace myself and get the timing right this year, having learned a great deal about it last year (as it was my first spring here in Victoria).

I’ll also finally be building the bed on the slope I’ve been meaning to build since we moved here (this one) It’ll give me a lot more room for some melons, more squash, and of course, more tomatoes.

I’m in the current throws of the the seed bank fundraiser so perhaps it’s a good thing I’m leaving the seed starting for a few more weeks!

Just for shits and giggles, here’s the list of what I have planned to grow this year:


  • Cuostralee
  • Zomu
  • Green Grape
  • Kazakh Schalavije
  • Calabacito Rojo
  • Orange Strawberry (this is my absolute favourite orange/yellow I’ve found to date)
  • White Currant
  • Platillo
  • AP2
  • Americke Pyramidni
  • Garden Lime
  • San Marzano
  • Pink Zebra
  • Teton de Venus
  • Purple Calabash
  • Thessaloniki
  • Uncle Charlie’s Giant Italian Pear
  • Poma Amoris Minora Lutea
  • Oaxacan Jewel
  • Coyote
  • Eva Purple Ball
  • Weeping Charley
  • Sophie’s Choice
  • Stupice
  • Delicious
  • Russian Persimmon
  • Jack White
  • Aunt Ruby’s German Green
  • Beauty King
  • Shokoladnyi
  • Wapsipinicon Peach
  • Silvery Fir Tree
  • Purple Plum Paste


  • Guajillo
  • Fatali
  • Poblano
  • Red Ruffled
  • Chili Rayado
  • New Mexico
  • Albino Bullnose


  • Irish Conners
  • True Red Cranberry
  • Magpi


  • Hopi Orange
  • Musquee de Provence
  • Cocozelle Zucchini


  • Cotztomatl
  • Eggplant ‘Rosa Bianca’
  • Watermelon ‘Blacktail Mountain’
  • Cucumber ‘White Wonder’
  • Melon ‘Eden’s Gem’
  • Slocan Snow Peas

And, for your viewing pleasure, a touch of spring and summer with some photos taken last year.





Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

Beautiful photos! :)

Posted on 05 Feb 12 (over 4 years ago)


Folia Helper


Thank you!

Posted on 05 Feb 12 (over 4 years ago)

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