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Starting the Early Annuals

01 Feb 2012
Rainy 11°C / 52°F

This past weekend was 60 degrees and decently sunny, so I started sowing some of my annual herbs and flowers for the grow light. Some of the seeds are starting to get older, but so far so good with the germination rates. It’s really nice to be able to use a lot of the seed year after year, since we have such a small growing area.

A lot of the woulda-been-seed-money went towards a couple raised bed kits for the backyard. Even with all the back breaking double digging and soil ammending we did in the yard last summer, none of the fall veggies did well. I think the awful fall rains we had didn’t help, but it was still mostly the clay’s fault. Therefore, we are trying out 14" tall, 4′×4′ cedar beds the in the same area. I disturbed a lot of unhappy worms in the process, but placed them all in the bed, so hopefully they will forgive once settled in. I still need to get more compost and soil, but nothing will get planted for another month or so, unless it continues to be 50-60 degrees, and then I’ll try, ha. I’m currently expecting a blizzard or something similar in March because that’s just how our weather goes.

Also, quite a few of my plants “over-wintered” quite nicely. That is in quotes because we have not really had a winter, grr. Anyways, my front yard pots actually still look decently nice – my snapdragons and garlic never really died back. I always thought of snapdragons as annuals, but they are clearly perennials – looking forward to more blooms this spring! I did harvest all my greens from the salad table, as well as the majority of the parsley since I don’t really need seeds. I still have some chard clinging to life, and I hope to get some seeds from them this Spring, as I don’t have many of them.

It’s been nice doing a lot more cooking and reading this winter, but I do look forward to spending more time in the garden again. :)




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