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Busy day today

20 Jan 2012
Rainy 7°C / 45°F

A lot of things to do this weekend! First of all, some champost has arrived and each gardener can take about 20-25 wheelbarrows of the stuff, to improve the clay soil of the garden. So I was up early (at the garden at sunrise, around 08:30) to start this work. When other gardeners started to arrive, I was already halfway. Still, it took me up to 11:00 o’ clock to be finished, and it started to rain…. Annoyingly enough, the weather prediction had been for rain in the morning and dry times in the afternoon however it turned out to be exactly opposite!

After the champost was in place, I installed some pvc-tubes on my greenhouse in order to be able to capture the rain water. Originally there were some gutters however there was nothing coming with the greenhouse to actually empty these gutters into a barrel or something. So I just had to improvise and I did some cutting and glueing to produce some PVC-parts that fit to the gutter. Perfect.

Now for the planting of the tubers which had arrived from the shop last wednesday: the Jerusalem and Chinese artichokes and the paleleaf woodland sunflowers. All of them seem to be frost resistant, but also had to be planted right away after receiving them (according to the documentation). So: into the ground they went!

I also still had these red shallots from the Philippines lying around, could as well plant these. Hopefully they will not be affected by any frost which might still descend on us… And while I was at it, there were also still these autumn-planting onions lying around. In the autumn I had not been able to plant them – well: into the ground they went too. After that, it started raining seriously so I was happy to be ready for the day…




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