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Strengthening the greenhouse door

13 Jan 2012
Cloudy 6°C / 43°F

In order to prevent the door from being blown out from the greenhouse again, I put a thick aluminium strip on the bottom rail of the greenhouse. And I put some screws at the rail on top, so the door cannot be rolled out from the rail anymore. Hopefully this will put an end to the door being blown away when there is a storm…

I bought some garlic while on holiday in the Philippines. It seems stronger than the stuff we can buy in here (at least the smell is much stronger). I decided to plant it in the garden today. Actually it’s a but late for garlic (should have been planted in october, november) but the garlic already started sprouting in my shed. So I figured I can as well try my luck and plant it in the garden. No frost at all anyway…




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