Seed Swaps

My poor plants, zucchini powdery mildew, new eggplants, preparing next season's crops.

28 Jan 2012
Sunny 23°C / 73°F

I came back after a weekend away to find that my flatmate had moved around the plants in my vege plot.. Because it was ‘crowded’. I (was) gardening on the square foot principle. That was how they were supposed to be. It was calculatedly crowded. God, she has her own separate plot, but she keeps interfering with mine. She’s even moved several of my peppers from the plot into pots. Asggjg!!! And of course being dug up and moved unnecessarily has upset some of them.

Anyway, the zucchini have rapidly developed a fairly severe case of powdery mildew, which I have sprayed with bicarbonate of soda.

I also bought 2 eggplant plants to replace my highly unsuccessful seed-grown ones. These are about 5 times as tall as my seedings and are budding.

I have autumn and winter crops to sow in the next couple of months, perpetual silverbeet, radish, swedes so far.




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