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Violet Update

22 Jan 2012
Rainy 7°C / 45°F

The weekly update of Violet adventures!

  • Ballet Snowcone 4 bloomed this week. Just as cute as the first one.
  • I noticed OP107.1 looked a little wobbly in the pot and that a good number of leaves had mushed, all in the space of one week. I took it out and the bottom of the root was just starting to turn brown and soft. I cut it back and put the remainder in a cup with fresh soil and then into a plastic zip-lock to grow new roots.
  • Repotted OP105.2 up to a 6 oz. container, and Texas 2 back into the same container with fresh soil.
  • New leaves put down of Cherries N Cream died; not surprised since the plant wasn’t in good shape when I took them. And one leaf of Dad99 that had a small baby also dead.
  • Put down 1 leaf of Gillian and 1 leaf of Texas 2.
  • New babies sprouting – Cherries N Cream from the original leaf (YaY!), S. grotei, Half Moon Bay (on the third leaf), Bertha, DA99, White Madonna sprouting where the leaf had died off.




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