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Snow Days!

22 Jan 2012
Sunny -7°C / 20°F

Our first real snow storms of this season, back to back.

The first started late Thursday night (19th) and finished up in the early morning hours of Friday. By morning commuting time the roads were ok to drive but everything was a slushy mess. It was a wet heavy snow, partly mixed with rain at times. Friday was clear but quite cold, and by late afternoon, early evening, everything has iced over. Accumulation about 4 inches.

The second storm started about 7 am on Saturday morning (21st) and continued through the day to about 6 pm. At some points it was coming down pretty furiously. Accumulation about 10 inches. It was a light, dry and fluffy snow, so definitely much easier to clear and shovel on Sunday morning.

Paul had been out clearing on Friday, and twice on Saturday so we were in pretty good shape. So now, all the plants have a nice thick blanket of snow to protect and nourish them for a little while anyway.

The first two photos are from Friday morning, and the last two are Saturday. The third photo was taken this morning (Sunday) but I wanted to put it next to Friday’s to show the total accumulation – 14 inches.

UPDATE – On Monday (23rd) the temperature started to rise and it was about 50* F and very foggy at 9:00 pm. Tuesday got up to almost 60* F and by the end of the day, there was very little remaining evidence that we had ever had any snow at all!





Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

So jealous. ;)
Wonderful pictures, particularly the depth on the table.

Posted on 23 Jan 12 (about 6 years ago)

looks really lovely.

Posted on 23 Jan 12 (about 6 years ago)

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