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A few days off work... And my gardening goals for them

22 Jan 2012
Rainy 7°C / 45°F

Hopefully, recording it for posterity will provide some impetus to get stuff done! It’s harder to ignore as a journal entry (I’m very good at skimming over those “Tasks” I don’t really feel like completing, LOL)

It’s currently freezing cold and lashing with rain, and I want nothing more of the day than to curl up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea… But there’s so much to do!

So (in no particular order), this week I need to…

1) Clear the garden of fallen leaves. I’ve been super lazy, and it’s starting to get a little slippery underfoot!

2) Clear the raised bed of spent salad/have a general weed and a fork over

3) Reassemble (and resecure) the Cold Frame

4) Clear the 2nd Stone Sink

5) Pot up the Crab Apple

6) Clear out the 2 big planters

7) Plant out some foxgloves, which have been in stupidly tiny pots, and have somehow (miraculously) managed to survive

8) Get my Aubergines started

9) Start off some new herbs (Parsley, Holy Basil, whatever else I can think of)

10) Start some Rudbeckia and Sweet Peas

11) Start off some Kale

12) Tidy up various pots/troughs/bits of polystyrene/abandoned watering cans/empty bags of compost

13) Clear out the Winter Pansies, which have finally succumbed to a complete lack of dead-heading (but at least I did better than last year)

14) Tidy up “The Back bedroom Grow”

15) Top dress the fruit bushes with some BF+B

16) If I can bear it… Do some bloody weeding!

There, I think that gives me enough to be getting on with! I may, of course, be utterly paralysed by all that needs to be done, and end up buying more Tomato seeds, instead



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