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Adventures in Sprouting

21 Jan 2012
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Well, today’s the day I started our Mung beans for sprouting. I couldn’t afford a single-purpose sprouter, so I decided to use a Mason jar. I’ve washed it out well, rinsed well, and rinsed the seeds off well. Then I cut a piece of cheesecloth and found a ring to hold the cloth on. Having read that they can fill a jar, and seeing as how this is my first time doing this, I opted for a small amount first. Maybe a half a handful.
I know these are the sprouts in oriental cooking, but I’ve heard you can put these on a sandwich or salad too. We’ll see how they taste.

I’ve taken the first picture, as we progress, I’ll take more and keep you all posted.

So begins my adventure in sprouts.
Wish me luck!



Though I haven’t done Mung beans for years I regularly sprout alfalfa in a jar. It’s amazing how just a tablespoonful of seeds can grow to fill the jar with a delicious and cheap winter salad. I’ve also done radish, broccoli, sunflower and fenugreek – all very different flavours. Good luck with your beansprouts – hope you enjoy them.

Posted on 22 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

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