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Hasta la vista winter garden

18 Jan 2012
Snow 3°C / 38°F

The garden is dead. Defunct. Non-existent. Just threw out all the dead and molding plugs. Seems abundant light and proper water circulation are essential to this kind of garden prospering, and a water bath, abundant window light and a “daylight” bulb just don’t cut it.
We harvested a LOT of lettuce, a LOT of basil, and quite a bit of cress. We even had a little spinach and cilantro. All of what I ORIGINALLY planted survived for a while, but these latest plantings didn’t sprout. I think in the future I will need to set up something more sustainable – that is, pumps and lights that are easily replaceable. I tried – I have a fifteen-dollar lightbulb on the counter that was supposed to but didn’t fit my contraption. When I showed the Boise Hydroponics guy the little pump keeping my garden alive and asked him about a replacement, he just scratched his head.
I’ll try this method again though – it’s wonderful when it works well.

I think overall this has been a great experience. I also think I can cannibalize some of the parts of my Prepara Power Plant and make something that DOES work.



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