Seed Swaps

No wonder germination seems to have slowed...

18 Jan 2012
Rainy 11°C / 52°F

Somehow, the thermostat on the propagator was at 20C instead of 28C (not entirely sure how that happened)

It’s a miracle that the “Exploding Fire” have done so well, and utterly unsurprising that I’ve had not a sniff of germination from the Orange Habs, Burkina Yellow or Criolla Sella v2 at Day 11

I’ve cranked it back up again, and am now waiting with baited breath

I also had a little pot on today, and now have one of most varieties in natural light on the window sill to act as “controls”

The “itchy hands” disease is still in full swing, and I’ve snuck some Anuums in, as well



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