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Sweet n Neat tomato FINALLY getting the idea

15 Jan 2012
Partly Sunny 22°C / 72°F

All of a sudden…6 weeks after the first and only ripe sweet n neat cherry tomato, I have 4 more picked, and more colouring as I type. About flippin’ time. What was WITH that one early fruit then a looong gap where nothing else coloured? I was about to give up hope:) I mean, it was covered in fruit, but they weren’t colouring(nor going off for that matter. They just sat there.)

I’m picking about a zucchini a day at the moment. I suspect that it’ll be more than that soon. I’m planning to make a zucchini chocolate cake at some point. With 5 plants, I’ll be opening my own zucchini bakery, zucchini-only market stall…leaving bags of zucchini on the neighbours’ steps…taking boxes of them to work with a ‘free’ sign stuck to it…I saw a recipe for a zucchini rum, but I dunno about that one…




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