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SoCal, last frost, and seeds

14 Jan 2012
Cloudy 18°C / 65°F

I’m entirely new to gardening and grew up in the tropics where seasons don’t exist so please bear with me—

Does the concept of “last frost” apply to Southern California (Los Angeles)? How cold is too cold? Does it refer to freezing point? Because I don’t believe it’s ever fallen below 40 degrees in my backyard.

Still, the nightly min temperature’s averaged around 50 degrees for the past month or two. Is that too cold to try to germinate seeds in the ground? I’ve planted some seeds in the past week… alyssum, dill, scarlet runner beans, forget-me-nots, marigolds, and sweet peas.

I am in usda zone 9b.




i would guess your climate is like San Diego, where i lived for 5 years. No frost at all, and some vegetables like tomatoes and peppers are perennials. There are lots of varieties of seed you can sow in the winter. Get a soil thermometer, and check out what soil temperatures various plants require.

Posted on 15 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

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