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Evergreen foliage in winter (updated)

11 Jan 2012
Windy 10°C / 50°F

Every year the Winter interest aspect of the garden fills out a little more to the point where there is now something looking good in every bed, border or large tub. I love the way their colours and shapes become so noticeable when all else is dormant. I think I finally have the balance right so that there is a good amount of evergreens but they have enough range that they fit well with the plants that grow in other seasons and don’t dominate.

I was out the other day and noticed one daffodil already forming a blower bud, several cyclamen doing the same, small daisies, and violas in flower and more flowers on the Claire Austin rose than it had during Summer!

The snowdrops have started to push up and should be in flower soon. By far the most reliable performer this year has been Lamium Roseum which has literally flowered non stop since late Spring last year, it must be a blessing for all manner of insects. Actually, Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ has also flowered no stop since March. Great value, even though they are short lived they do well from cuttings so I should have lots bushing out this year.

Shown below are just some of the many plants I grow to keep the garden from being bald through winter.




I know I made a similar comment on your blog, but I’ll say it again … lovely evergreens and that Cyclamen foliage is just terrific.

Posted on 12 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

Thanks B, I can’t sleep because the gale is so loud and shaking the house so I’ve been updating with lots more of the winter plants. It’s just a shame that so many of the photos are blurry because of the wind.

Posted on 12 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States6b

Beautiful! Great plant choices. I picked up a ‘Bowles Mauve’ the end of last summer and had it in a container. I do hope it comes back again. And isn’t Pieris wonderful! One of my favorites here.

Posted on 12 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

That cyclamen foliage is lovely. Really, really nice.

Posted on 12 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

A lovely, lovely mix of greenery (and silver). Where do you grow your cyclamen and what soil conditions?

Posted on 13 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

I’ve got several cyclamen in different places but that particular one, which is the best one, is growing in a shady spot that is open but gets almost no direct sun. The soil has a lot of organic matter and is mulched yearly so it’s fairly good at holding moisture in the drier months but it’s also on a slight slope which helps with drainage so it doesn’t sit in water in wet spells. The cheaper ones I bought (in garden centre multi-pack) nearly all died or performed badly in similar situations so I definitely think it was worth paying for a better quality plant in this instance.

Posted on 14 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

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