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11 Jan 2012
Sunny 32°C / 90°F

Hi to all you Folians,

Even though the days are hot, the garden is taking shape. We water like crazy because everything dries so quickly. And at start-up phase, it is hard to create micro climates. Things are dying and we all feel a little down :(

A beautiful blueberry bush – green and healthy then two days letter brown and almost dead. The new apple tree that obviously didn’t want to come home from the nursery just committed suicide at the site of our garden. The strawberry went from green to brown in 36 hours. UGH.

On the plus side, the natives are going great guns and the pond looks fantastic. We’ll get some photos up soon. Just wish the garden wasn’t THIS disheartening.

To happier garden and a stronger one for next summer,

The BEN Clan



Our summers are very hard on both the garden and the gardener! Having had many disheartening experiences over many summers here in the northern tropics, all I can say is … don’t fret too much over the losses, rather enjoy the success of seeing the survivors keep on keeping on!

I actually don’t give up too quickly on many plants any more. I’ve cut plants right back and left them in the ground, even when they appear to all intents and purposes to be completely dead … and actually seen them rise from the dead! Sometimes you can be most pleasantly surprised.

Posted on 11 Jan 12 (over 4 years ago)

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Huntingdale, Perth


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