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05 Jan 2012
Sunny 16°C / 61°F

Haven’t journaled in awhile so hopefully I can get a bit caught up during this break at work. Absolutely CRAZY, WEIRD WINTER. Last rain we had was mid-December and I can’t remember the last snow, but I know it barely lasted overnight on the ground. Someone on the news said this is relatively normal but we’ve been so used to the severe winters the last few years. I say WEIRD. 61F on January 5 is just WEIRD for Iowa. But I guess I’d rather have warm than cold! Of course, winter won’t be officially over for awhile, so cross fingers we don’t have freezing weather without snow cover. Very hard on the plants, they’re used to their soft, white blankets! Last year we had extremely heavy snow cover, so some Z6 plants were really cozy and flourished this spring. So far this winter 10F has been the low, normally we’d have seen -10F by now.

Managed to get everything to bed in November, and so far nothing is trying to come up too early, definitely hoping it’s been cold enough for the daffodils and tulips. Now that the bulb group has me drooling over african violets, amaryllis and freesias, I’m shopping with those in mind. These fellow folians don’t realize how easy it is to get an ADD’er off onto a new train of collecting! But who in the world could complain about having such beautiful ‘trains’?

Seed catalogs are arriving daily and some are already dog-eared. Youngest daughter is starting her first organic veggie garden, so we’re planning that, but have to accommodate the baby that’s due in July — guess Gma will be helping alot! Her yard is small so we may have to go up-up-up. Oldest daughter (by 3 minutes, they’re twins) is getting ready to graduate with her degree in Landscape Architecture and has a new house and fiance. I love it that she’s asking me for advice on her landscape plan!

The kitchen remodel (which has little to do with the garden except that it took away time from outside) is almost done. Just countertops and backsplash left to do, DH has been working outside in 30F weather sawing and nailing — whatta guy. I do plan this summer to ask for a new window bump-out so I can have pretty blooms all year in the kitchen window. Haven’t told him yet — he might run away and hide!

Well, break is over but one new year resolution is to better keep up on my journaling. Wish I could say that lesson learned this year is not to bite off more than I can chew, but I figure just chew faster!

EDIT: Officially hit 66F!




“Wish I could say that lesson learned this year is not to bite off more than I can chew, but I figure just chew faster!”

Thanks for the laugh… I love that quote!

Posted on 05 Jan 12 (almost 7 years ago)

Hope some snow comes your way, soon… before any really hard freezes. I, too, am looking for more winter-like weather. Today is cold but this weekend it’s forecast to be above freezing again. I WANT TO WINTERSNOW MY PRIMROSES! Never thought I’d say this but, I want winter to arrive and stay. Have you been able to do any wintersowing yet or is the warm weather making you put it off, like me.

Posted on 06 Jan 12 (almost 7 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States5b

The next 7-8 days for us is days high 40’s-mid 50’sF and nights in the low 30’s, with NO precipitation. I’m having DH hook up the hoses again so I can water thirsty plants in pots. Wish I had a greenhouse! Maybe next year.
So….. no wintersowing yet — no seed shall sprout before it’s time! (the bulbs are another matter.)

Posted on 06 Jan 12 (almost 7 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom10a

I’ve struggled with journaling as well and we always have mild weather so wintersowing is a challenge for me.
“Wish I could say that lesson learned this year is not to bite off more than I can chew, but I figure just chew faster!” is a great quote and I know exactly what you mean ;-)

Posted on 11 Jan 12 (almost 7 years ago)

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