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Spring Onions planted, Cherry Toms being picked, Zucchini a bit behind but v. happy.

03 Jan 2012
Rainy 20°C / 68°F

I planted a fruit & vege store bunch of Spring Onions yesterday, to use the greens as cut & come again. There were 6 in the bunch, and I planted them whole. I cut one to use yesterday and it’s already sprouted about half a cm, so they should be a good value ‘crop’.

The zucchini have mostly male flowers still, but there are two set fruit as far as I can see. Mine seem to be a couple of weeks behind most people’s, probably because they lived in pots until they were quite mature.

I’m trying to to leave my cherry tomatoes on the plants until they’re fully ripe, but one of my flatmates keeps picking them a bit too early and putting them in the fridge. I know she thinks she’s helping, but once they go into the fridge they won’t ripen any further. I don’t like to tell her not to. The Sweet’n’Neat has a LOT of green fruit, but no more have ripened since the first, and only, nearly a month ago?

I haven’t gotten back to finish hoeing the weeds in the other side of the bed, and now the weather might be on the turn again, I’m not sure. I’m supposed to be doing a short shift at work tomorrow so if the weather does hold I’ll try to finish that job.




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