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Zukes setting, Capsicum fruit growing. Planning for Winter crops.

28 Dec 2011
Rainy 22°C / 72°F

The zucchini are setting now…it looks like I’m going to have a LOT of zucchini. I think I have 5 plants, if I recall correctly. I planted 6 seeds and all but one germinated, and they’re now very happy and setting well. I’ve been looking up different ways of preserving them, cos I have a feeling I’m gonna need them. I’ll let one or two towards the end of the season go to marrow, but mostly I’ll use them in their smaller form.

My capsicum fruits are growing well too, in fact the whole garden is thriving. The moneymaker tomatoes have now been staked, using anything we could find, including mop and sweeping brush handles. Might look odd, but hey, it works well enough. They were flopping over with the weight of the fruit. I haven’t pinched out any laterals on any variety of my tomatoes. I wasn’t entirely sure I could recognise a lateral when I saw one so I left well alone.

I’m starting to think about winter crops, maybe swede, silverbeet and I don’t know what else? Not potatoes, they’re ridiculously cheap in stores here, so not worth the space they take. I can’t put winter crops in until the current summer crops are spent, in the case of the MM tomatoes, possibly first frost.




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