Seed Swaps

Finally a 2011 recap and a happy surprise

25 Dec 2011
Rainy 8°C / 47°F

After finishing up the harvest I suppose I needed a break, because I took one. Hard to believe I’m starting to think about seed starting again soon!

Terrible summer, but things seem to have done alright. Learned growing garlic is not my forte, but I’m better at carrots than I had thought. For the time being, I’ve given up on eggplant as anything other than an ornamental.

Gonna try starting my peppers earlier next year. Also, going to be using the mini-greenhouse without the cover when it is inside for increased air circulation, lost all but one of the basils to damping off. Oh, and I have already started working on yet another small revision of the garden beds – getting rid of the concrete blocks on the ends and replacing them with boards. This should give me an extra foot of soil length in each one.

P.S. need to clear out all of the plantings that should be archived and update my stash. Another day……

P.P.S Almost forgot the happy surprise part! I let the cilatro go to seed and after I cut it out just dropped the seeds in the pot and covered it with compost. I was expecting it to come up in the spring but I had to go out and thin it out today. Unexpected cilantro showing true leaves despite the cold weather!



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