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Foxtail Palm Fruits - are they edible?

22 Dec 2011
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Just curious, and wondering if anyone knows if the fruit of the foxtail palm is edible?






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According to Wikianswers, no. ): What a fascinating species! I hope you plant the seeds!

Posted on 24 Dec 11 (over 4 years ago)

Thanks Tralamander, the reading I had done seemed to indicate they were not edible, at least to humans, apparently the wildlife love them. However, one article described them as bush tucker and tartly sweet! Probably a bit like the lillypilly. My lillypillies (bush cherry) are currently dropping fruit all over the back yard. The ducks won’t touch them. I tasted one as they are bush tucker and made into jams, etc. Tart, definitely, sweet, definitely not. I would describe it as a cross between sucking a lemon and a kiwi fruit without the flavour of either or sweetness of the kiwi fruit. Just highly acidic!

As for planting the foxtail palm seeds, I’ll collect some and see what I can do. They may just germinate beneath the palm during the wet season. Most native plants do that around here. As you can see from the photos I’d be somewhat overrun with them if they all germinated. Anyone want some? I don’t think they are protected any more (I must check) as they have become rather prolific.

Posted on 26 Dec 11 (over 4 years ago)

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