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21 Dec 2011
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I haven’t been out in the garden much. Between the bunged up thumb and Christmas shopping, it has kept me away for the past week. However, I went to turn the compost and it’s not doing so well.

The pieces through it where there were green is starting to rot. The biggest problem is that I had read you need anywhere from 2 browns to 1 greens all the way to 25:1. Because of this wide range of information, I went at about 10:1. I think the 2:1 was closer to right.

Also, I had been watering it irregularly. It’s now too dry for my liking. I’m thinking in Perth’s hot summer, I need to water it at least every second day. Oh well, you learn. So we’ll just up the watering but leave the mix the way it is to see how long it takes to decompose properly.



Compost-making can be a pain in the proverbial! My biggest challenge is getting the brown to green ratio right: I was told/learned 4:1. And yes, you do need to keep it moist (but not soaking wet) – another juggling act! :) I think turning the compost is really good and helps a lot. It’s worth it in the end though when you [finally] get that beautiful dark, crumbly end-result.

Posted on 21 Dec 11 (over 4 years ago)

Thanks for the encouragement Louise! I’ve now got a new pile going in a bottomless (without a bottom… not the it goes-on-and-on meaning) compost bin. I’ve got the ratio now at about 3:1. I’ll see how this new pile goes but I have the old one still going and it is way too dry and needs watering every day (today is 38 degrees).

Also, I’ll give the 4:1 ago next time. I mean it is all just guessing with the ratios – I’m just using my eyes to gauge what ratio I’ve used).

Posted on 27 Dec 11 (over 4 years ago)

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