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Mmm first tomato harvest

17 Dec 2011
Rainy 18°C / 64°F

I picked and ate my first tomato today, a ripe Sweet’n’Neat cherry. This particular fruit was way ahead of the rest, but now lots have set. It’s a flavourful yellow variety of decent(cherry) size, if my first tomato is anything to go by
Everything has had another spurt, and the zucchinis look to be starting to bud. The Red Robin Cherry toms are ripening well, the Moneymaker Tomatoes are setting, and the capsicum are flowering. Having not floated away in the heavy rain we’ve had, they’re all flourishing. I have been given peas and dwarf bean seeds. The dwarf beans can go in soon, but it’s not time for peas yet. My lettuce greens have bolted, it’s time I pulled them out, and as soon as the weather clears, I will.





Posted on 17 Dec 11 (over 4 years ago)

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