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Christmas 2011

17 Dec 2011
Rainy 23°C / 73°F

Christmas has come around so fast and I must admit has taken me by surprise again. How can this be when every year it comes at the same time and date.
I look back and reflect on what a productive year it has been in particular on those vegetables, fruit trees and plants I have chosen to persist with this year.
My vegetable garden has been so rewarding. A lot of them have come from seeds so even more satisfaction from watching them sprout. I believe these plants were the strongest and least to fall victim to pests.

There were many pests these years but the most feared were the slaters which ate my seedlings when planted in the garden. Trying to find an organic and natural remedy was difficult. Nick made some traps with sesame seed oil and water and overnight we collected hundreds of them. My seedlings were saved and the rest is now history. I also met with the dreaded green caterpillar on my broccoli, cabbages, cauliflowers etc. The only way to rid my garden of these were to hunt them down and squash them and put up fake white butterflies in hope the real ones would be deterred from flying by. Not sure whether this method worked though.

This year also marked the first of dwarf fruit trees for me. For my birthday, I was given a peach, nectarine and cherry. I count everyday how many peaches I have as I am so excited. There are 10. As for my nectarine and cherry, none for their first year. Our apricot is ladened with fruit again so this will be a great summer. I must remember to put out the bird netting otherwise Birds – 1 and Tina – 0.

My favourites – The Herb garden remained a clear favourite again. So much. Its the one garden bed that I can truly say gets used day in day out. Since this has been a great successful for me, I have decided to make mini herb gardens for Christmas presents this year. My two sister – laws will be the recipients of free standing and self watering herb gardens. This will be good for them as they can fill the reservoir and leave and forget. Fingers crossed that they will like it.
I have planted for my Italian sister in law (Angie) – roma tomato, globe eggplant, capsicum, rosemary, sage, oregano, basil, thyme, Italian parsley. She loves to cook so this will be so handy. She doesnt have a very big garden so this will be perfect for her.
My Mildura sister in law (Liz) – sage, oregano, thyme, basil, italian parsley, curly leaf parsley, rocket, cos lettuce, mignonette lettuce and spinach.

So I am now in a count down mode to Christmas with a very long list of things to get ready before the big day. Do I have enough colour? The purple agapanthus are in bloom, the white star jasmine still have flowers and the crimson mandevilla also ladened with blooms. All the roses are flowering and need to be cut and brought into the house to be shared.
So much satisfaction and rewards for yet another year of gardening. Look forward to the lessons in 2012.



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