Seed Swaps

Reddening Tomatoes

13 Dec 2011
Rainy 20°C / 68°F

My cherry tomatoes on the really prolific red robin bush are starting to redden. The sole tomato on the yellow-fruited sweet’n’neat is almost ready to harvest, but I do hope that that isn’t going to be the sum total of harvest from that plant. There are quite a few flowers, but nothing seems to have set for awhile. The Moneymakers are flowering well, as are the capsicums. As for the eggplants, I’ve never seen such slow growing seedlings in all my life, I swear. Oh, they’re happy enough, but at this rate they must be planning to fruit in winter! The Zucchini are growing well, but no flowers as yet, although I’m not sure if one isn’t starting to bud.

It’s still raining. At this rate they’ll float away.




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