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04 Dec 2011
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Hi Folians,

We are slowly working on our garden but we are working to a plan. It has evolved over the time but not by much. It will be interesting to see how close we end up creating the garden compared to the plan.

So far we’ve added a path (half way through actually constructing it) and the trampoline has been moved. Yesterday another plan has changed. We were going to build a deck and them put a semi permanent gazebo over the top but then the person at our local Bunnings (hardware store) told me about how bad the experiences were in our windy city with the canopy of these structures. They’ve now had to start selling replacement canopies because they tear and rip off quite easily. There goes the “easy” structure we were going to put up.

Now we need to consider a permanent pergola instead. At least that gives us more flexibility with our shape and design. Just more time and no experience. Time to call in some family help as at least some of them have got experience in building.

Now to plan how we are going about the path, pergola, pond merge point :)


The BEN Clan



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Huntingdale, Perth


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