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29 Nov 2011
Windy 13°C / 55°F

You get a lot of thought-time when you hand water your garden. The other day, whilst dosing up the new natives with some H2O, I got to thinking about Folia and how excited I am to have found a haven for my psuedo garden fetish. This whole place reminds me of Farmville but you have to actually go and tend real plants in a real garden before you can boast your achievements.

You know what, apart from wishing there was an easy-click feature for sowing a vegetable garden, I’m loving the emotions of “life” in a real garden. There is real success and real failure. We often forget how these feel. I have to admit, my garden causes me a lot of bewilderment and “not good enough”. Of course these feelings are not the best, but they are real.

And this is were Folia is wonderful, we get to express our failures as well as our successes. We are not hiding behind some “perfect house, perfect partner, perfect life” Facebook syndrome. Thank you Folians for being real and sharing your garden successes and failures. Here’s to the reality our garden makes us face and giving it our best with good humour.



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Huntingdale, Perth


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