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Planted 230 Garlic Cloves & Garden Cleanup

25 Nov 2011
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Its a beautiful weekend, perfect for prepping the garden and staging for next spring. It won’t be long before the garden is buried under two feet of snow. I planted 230 cloves of garlic this morning and started cleaning up the garden. With all my health issues this summer, it’s a bit overwhelming what 2 months of neglect can do to a garden. I still have to setup my two new hoop houses (yesterday’s black Friday deal) where my tomato plants will be. I’m planning on 20 tomato plants inside a 10′×40′ hoop house next spring with a nice center walkway. I’ve ordered enough 6-mil UV greenhouse film for all 4 hoop-houses, so I’ll have it ready for a March thaw. I’ll set up the other two hoop houses over the four 20’ long raised beds for peppers. Hopefully with computer controlled ventilation fans, heat, and irrigation, I will be able to have peppers right through till Christmas next year. It will solve a big deer problem as well. I’m also setting up a new strawberry garden next Spring. I’ll probably convert my current ever-bearing strawberry beds to raised beds for blueberry bushes. My friend is a commercial blueberry farmer with 6,500 bushes, and propagates his bushes from cuttings. He has been growing 40 plants for me. They’ll be 3-year old plants next spring and ready to plant. That will bring me up to 53 blueberry plants.






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United Kingdom8b

What happens to garlic over winter? Advised by BBC Gardeners World I planted around 40 cloves a few weeks ago and the leaves are nearly a foot high. What does frost do to them? :)

Posted on 27 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Garlic is similar to planting tulip bulbs. I wait until after a hard frost to plant. If there’s a warm snap and green shoots appear, it’s no problem. The shoot will die back and the clove will stay viable even during deep freezes. In the spring it will bounce back and grow like crazy. You are in zone 8, so they may keep growing all winter, as long as you don’t have long extended freezing temperatures.

I grew 25 heads last year for this fall’s seed stock, as well as purchasing some elephant garlic bulbs. If you let some of the garlic go to seed, they form seed pods at the end of the green tubular stems. The seeds have amazing potency for seasoning recipes, or you can plant them. Like onions they can be grown from bulbs or seeds. I like to plant seeds, because you can get some interesting hybrids. Planting cloves produces non-hybrids, true to the parent plant.

Posted on 27 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Thanks for your tips on garlic growing. Whilst I have grown garlic from cloves before, I’ve never tried seeds. Will give it a go next time.

Posted on 30 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

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