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21 Nov 2011
Cloudy 15°C / 59°F

The thirteen pots of bulbs were tucked away in the crawlspace under the sunroom… three daffodils, four tulips & six dutch iris.

Pruned the potted hybrid teas so they’re now ready to go into the garage once I tidy it up a bit.

Found that I could take the top layer off the one real raised bed I have (but never use) and now I have two! I covered both with an old tarp as well as an adjacent area. This will become the home of my new kitchen garden next year.

Today was 15C however tomorrow is supposed to have a high of 1C! Methinks that winter is a-comin’.

Finally, Nerissa (the cat) mentioned my ginger lily – you know, the one that refuses to bloom – in his latest posting on his blog… Nerissa’s Life. Yes, that’s right… my cat has a blog.






Folia Helper

United Kingdom10a

Nerissa is a beautiful cat :) Sending good vibes for your ginger lily to bloom soon XXXX

Posted on 21 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Yes, the weather countrywide has been a bit weird so far this Fall. Have to confess I was envious – and a bit irritated – when I kept seeing Ontario and eastwards were still enjoying double digit temperatures and we’re already getting way colder than normal weather.
Nerissa – beautiful name for a beautiful cat. Cute your cat has his own blog – one of ours used to have a Twitter account but he got bored with it and also fed up with all the girl cats hitting on him! Strange but true.

Posted on 21 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Actually, the picture is of Mason… Nerissa’s sister. She is beautiful. Both of them are. Mason, is featured in Nerissa’s latest post along with the ginger lily. That’s why I used her picture for my journal entry.

If you’re wondering why Nerissa is a boy and Mason is a girl, well, it’s because they were both abandoned and I named them after having only glimpses from afar. Tobias is also a girl and Nerissa had two other brothers… Desdemona and Calista. I think my naming of cats might be the on-going joke at our vets.

LouiseM, I’ve been notice those chilly temperatures on the west coast. Very unusual for us to be so much milder than you. Today really was much colder though… it’s zero right now.

Please send lots and lots of good vibes for the ginger lily, Armorel. I need every good vibe I can get with that plant!

Posted on 21 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Added pictures of those mentioned above. Main photo is still of Mason with that ginger then there’s Nerissa, Desdemona, Tobias & Calista. Unfortunately, Desdemona & Calista are no longer with us.

Posted on 21 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

That explains it, I think – so Nerissa is a boy and Mason a girl and Tobias is a girl too. Did I get that right?! Makes me think of T.S. Elliot and the naming of cats. Ours have a motley collection of names – they are all rescues – and probably the strangest one is “Zebu”. It was his original “orphanage” name and somehow it stuck, even though my father thought it was SO weird he went and discovered it’s the species name of the holy cows in India. Seems about right to us – we work around him and worship at his feet. Besides, he’s only “Zebu” when he’s in trouble…otherwise he is “Zee-buggy-buggy” or “Mama’s Boo-Boo Bear”. I think you have to love cats to “get” this.

Posted on 21 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Yes, absolutely right!

Currently, we have twelve… Primrose, Snowdrop, Blossom, Jacob, Nerissa, Beatrice, Constance, Tobias, Tess, Mason, Seville & Rushton. And they’ve all got nicknames, too. And in Nissy’s blog, I’m referred to as peep #1.

I like the name Zebu. It has character.

Posted on 22 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

Ooh, getting chilly!
Keep warm, Nerissa’s peeps! <3

Posted on 23 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

Chilly is right, Tralamander. Yesterday morning, it was -8C, when I woke up. Eventually, it warmed up to about 2 above. This morning, it’s -1 or something like that, snowing, and expected to continue to snow until we have 30cm or so of the white stuff. Choral society practice has been cancelled for this evening (as have all the schools in the province) and that’s scary as this Saturday is our first concert. And I’m not sure that we’re ready! Nissy, however, is always pleased to have his peeps home with him so he’s probably thrilled to bits rehearsal was cancelled.

Posted on 23 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

We definately have snow… There’s about a foot of the white stuff, everywhere. And it’s wet and heavy. And our snowplough guy’s truck broke down during the night. Time to break out the shovels!

Posted on 24 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

White stuff is melting… thank goodness! My potted lilies & roses aren’t yet into the garage for the winter. It’s about 9C currently and tomorrow should be mild, too. I need all – every last bit – of the white stuff melted to wheel those huge rose tubs inside and it would make the job of getting the lilies in, easier, too.

Posted on 26 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

You got the fluffy white stuff already. We did not have it yet. I know how it is. Today while raining I brought in the basement six huge pots of crinums and clean up the odds and ends in the front yard…while it is raining. :)

Posted on 26 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

You know all that snow? Well, there’s still a lot of it on the ground however, when I awoke this morning and went to open a window for the cats, I could have sworn it was pouring. The snow on the roof is melting and coming down in teems. The sun is shining and it’s incredibly mild. I almost had to check the calendar to make sure I hadn’t slept the winter away only to awake sometime in mid-spring.

Posted on 28 Nov 11 (over 4 years ago)

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