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Why Are some of My Tomato Seedlings Wilting?

14 Oct 2011
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I potted up 6 tomato seedlings that were about 5 weeks old. One of plants was about 4 weeks old. All were potted up in the same potting soil, same organic fertlizers and drenched with RootShield to prevent damping off. I monitored and watered the plants at the same time for one week. After a week, the younger plant’s green leaves began to wilt. The stem is straight up, but the leaves are wilted and falling off. The base of the stem of plant looks healthy. It is well watered and I water when dry. I do a weekly foliar spraying of a seaweed/fish emulsion (Neptune). All plants are under lights in my hobby room. The days are warm and the floor to ceiling windows are open wide for the breeze that runs through the room. The other plants, (cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprounts) and the other 5 tomato plants are doing well. This is second tomato plant in 3 months that this has happened to. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.



I’m no expert, but… it doesn’t sound like transplant shock if the wilting has started a week later, and it doesn’t sound like you’re over watering either. Dare I say it, could it be disease/fungal? – possibly carried over in the pot youv’e used? or could it be an issue with seed quality/storage? What’s the environment in the room like – you’ve mentioned it’s warm, if the room gets humid, then that might me more conducive to fungal issues.

Posted on 15 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

Down here in south Florida it seems that the temperature has a lot to do with seed sprouting.I found out 80-85 is the best.I found that foliar spraying on younger plants seem to clog up the pores on the plant,plus you have another chemical in the soil.Also some varietys of plants are more problem prone than others.Are the same varietys dying off than the healthy ones?Are your lights natural sunshine or plain flourescent?Are your varietys store bought that come from another enviorment maybe from another part of the country.What did you do different from other successful years of planting.Some potting soils have nutrients built into them.If you augment too many fertilizers and additives the rootball might have too much going on.These are just some questions I would consider.Pull out one of the weaker plants and look at the roots to see if they are healthy or maybe water logged.Replant it into a good new soil with good drainage and keep the chemicals to a minimum and monitor.Try putting the plants outside with some natural sun exposure but only a few hours and move to partial shade and see if they reach for the sun,Off the bat it seems like over fertilizing and wet soil conditions that cant see.Hope this helps.

Posted on 15 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

Thank you TeresaGreen and kurt with helping me with this dilema. I appreciate all your suggestions. I will put your suggestions to work to figure this out.

Posted on 17 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

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