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Pleasantly surprised

08 Oct 2011
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Yesterday I got the shipping info for the blueberry bushes I had ordered, and found they had mistakenly put me down for a spring delivery when I had hoped to get them for this fall. A quick phone call cleared it all up and the customer service rep told me that they would ship them out next week.

So today I got back in from pulling in the last of my tomatoes and a bit of other clean up to find a Fedex truck parking in front of my house. We all kind of assumed it was a book my wife had ordered, but it was the blueberries!!! I know the nursery is only a few hours drive away, but they must have gotten right on it! Nice looking plants too. Much happier looking then the ones I got last Febuary from a different nursery (none of which made it).




Congrats on your new blueberry bushes! I’ve just added another two to my garden – about NOW is the reputed best time to plant them. In my limited urban garden space & experience, it is possible to have too many dahlias but never ever too many blueberries!

Posted on 09 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

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