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So many seeds, so little time!

05 Oct 2011
Rainy 18°C / 64°F

So in my renewed gardening frenzy, I’ve been buying seeds like a madman. I thought I’d lay them all out to try and figure out where to start. Well, it hasn’t helped.

I’m panicking, seeing the days of spring zooming by, and still so much to get out before it’s too late. Not that the weather is helping. Rain, and 20 degree maximums, not ideal for warm weather crops.

The main photo is the whole collection, and then we have the individual sets from 1) Green harvest (arrived about 2 weeks ago), 2) Phoenix Seeds (which arrived yesterday), old seeds we had from 2007, and the last lot we inherited from others, some with expiry dates back to the 1990’s!!

I feel I should do a pot luck throwout of the old ones down in our thistle infested area, and see if they can outgrow the thistles. That’s gotta be better than just throwing them away, doesn’t it?

The rest it’s a race against time and space to plants the ones that should have been planted already, balance time & temperature to get the ones that should have been planted but it’s not warm enough, do the hard slog to prepare garden beds for those that need to be planted direct, and decide which ones are best held off maybe for next season.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m in gardening nirvana at the moment, like a kid in a lolly shop, or the monkey with his hand stuck in the nut jar. Would you believe, I also have two plant deliveries due today or tomorrow, one of which also includes more seeds?!!

Rain, rain, go away…..



Wow, it looks like you’ve been having a great time with the seed catalogues! Good luck with the thistle experiment, hope you end up pleasantly surprised.

Posted on 05 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

Haha! You’ve caught the seed buying bug!!!!

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

Yeah, and wait till you see my next journal on the plants that just arrived!

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8b

Right. That is the organisation I aspire to. …I want a pool table… :( Also, it’s great to see someone even more addicted than I am! I kicked the seed habit as it’s end of growing season now, however I keep buying loads of little tiny cacti and succulents on eBay…

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)


Folia Helper


I know the feeling…
When there are seeds available somewhere, gardeners always talk themself into believing their garden is a hundred times larger then it actually is, and their amount of time available for gardening is unlimited…

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)


Folia Helper


Points just for the artistic layout.

More plants coming?
Would I believe it?
Yep! most certainly, and to get it done you’ll just have to get up earlier, and get wet to the bone – all whilst smiling like a loon. :-)

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

Thanks Graibeard. Photography – another of my hobbies, even though my Canon’s been in it’s bag for ages since I got the iPhone.

@Anne, it’s not so much the space that’s a problem for me, I’ve got plenty of that, it’s the manpower to maintain it all if I plant it all out.

As for the pool table Tralamander, it was an eBay cheapy, and friends sat on the corner and broke the plastic foot, so it’s got this horrible slant on it now – great for trick shots though :)

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

Seed packets are soo tempting. And reading catalogue descriptions is a trap, even for the wary!

For the old seeds, I have some with dates that may rival yours as I was gardenless for a few years. And then there are all the ones I collected, and didn’t label (idiot). The ones that are possibly well past it I’m going to plant in autumn. If it is something that will survive winter and be useful, it gets to live but everything else is going to be green manure.

Maybe choko bombs for the thistle patch?

Gardening has something for all moods, physical activity, analysis etc. It is even satisfying for people with a shopping problem!

Posted on 08 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

WOW – your photos look impressive. I really have sympathy…. So much choice…. such little time… Here’s wishing you the best with it for fantastic results.

Posted on 11 Oct 11 (over 4 years ago)

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