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October Harvest Day

05 Oct 2011
Rainy 15°C / 59°F

Its a very dark, cold rainy day, and i’m mostly rushing from driving the kids to school to preparing a lecture to teaching a class to a quick bite to a student meeting to another student meeting to a faculty meeting…but snuck out for a few minutes to munch some raspberries and tomatoes this morning. Camera set at “super vivid” (cheating!). It was so gloomy at 8 am the auto flash came on even outside.

Sungold gets the harvest day badge. Because it is always so yummy, even when the weather has been cold and wet and ruined the texture of most of the other tomatoes.

update: Managed to get home before dark and out to the garden to get a big harvest for tonights dinner—pesto, tomato soup, and corn.
“Sunset Red Horizon” has given me 52 fruits so far from 1 4 ft tall plant! Many are small to medium, but some are enormous. Marmande is not behind either with 45 good sized fruits, and Black Krim with 20 large fruit and many more ripening is also impressive. I’m not keeping up! will have to dry a lot of tomatoes this weekend, but also have 214 flower bulbs to plant, plus, once i dig up the tomatoes, garlic to plant in their place.

We had a run of good weather until 3 weeks ago which is probalby the source of getting so many tomatoes. September’s summary:
“September’s 2011 weather for Seattle brought above normal temperatures, sunshine, clouds, and rain after a mild, partly cloudy, and mostly dry August. There were eleven days in September with sunny sky conditions, ten days with partly cloudy sky conditions, and nine days with cloudy sky conditions. Seattle set a September record with nine consecutive days of 80 degrees plus temperatures from the 3rd through the 11th - previous record was eight consecutive days set in 1989 from 7th to the 14th. The warm and sunny weather came to an abrupt end on September 12 when cool temperatures and clouds arrived.

Precipitation for the month was 0.21 inches below normal at 1.29 inches compared to the normal 1.50 inches. There were eleven days in September that had precipitation - seven days with measurable precipitation and four days with a trace of precipitation. The maximum 24-hour precipitation total was 0.59 inches on September 26. Precipitation for the year was running 3.46 inches above normal at 25.55 inches compared to the normal 22.09 inches.

Temperatures for the month averaged 2.7 degrees above normal - the mean average temperature was 64.0 degrees compared to the normal 61.3 degrees. The average daily high was 3.0 degrees above normal at 73.5 degrees compared to the normal 70.5 degrees. There were seventeen days in September that reached a high temperature of 70 degrees or above. The warmest days were September 8, 9, and 11 when the temperature reached a high of 85 degrees; the coolest day was September 29 when the temperature reached a low of 46 degrees. The record high temperature of 85 degrees on September 8 tied the record set in 1993.

The daily average wind speed for the month was 6.3 mph. The maximum wind peak gust was 43 mph from the southwest on September 25. "




Beautiful photo! The harvest looks mouthwatering!

Posted on 05 Oct 11 (over 7 years ago)

yes, I agree, stunning photo – beautiful looking fruit

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 7 years ago)

I hear you about not keeping up. I’ve got lots of tomatoes to go “get out of the cold” and I didn’t even make it outside for the harvest day!

Posted on 06 Oct 11 (over 7 years ago)

I dream about the day I can make a mixed tomato salad with minimal ingredients – a bit of oil, balsamic, salt and pepper so the tomatoes can be the hero of the dish!

Posted on 16 Oct 11 (over 7 years ago)

JJ—hope that day comes soon!

Posted on 16 Oct 11 (over 7 years ago)

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