Seed Swaps

Wind blown corner

26 Sep 2011
Sunny 15°C / 59°F

The wind had smooshed quite a few things in this part of the garden becauses it has lots of walls and fences to bounce of and spin around. But I’m really pleased to see how many plants do absolutely fine even in the face of a sever flattening, most notably Sanguisorba ‘Red Thunder’ which has grown to double it’s usual height with all the rain this year.

Months of gales haven’t fazed it but the most recent ones changed direction so often it finally cowped over, but a week on (and still flattened daily by wind) it’s doing really well in it’s almost horizontal position. Because it’s up in the raised bed you can still see it’s flowers really well, in fact, you can view them against the patio slabs so you get an extra dimension of enjoyment.

The dark Sweet peas have struggled a bit with some stems being literally ripped apart, but those that have survived have carried on happily, albeit in completely the wrong place, and the Scabious growing through it looks fabulous. There are also pale sweetpeas, another plant that came out completely the wrong colour) which did extremely well and started to take over the back of the bed. If they’d been the colour I wanted I’d have been over the moon. The wind has repeatedly flopped them over the smaller plants, but constant retying seems to be working to keep them from smothering things entirely.

The wee Rowan growing in a large tub didn’t fare too well, it’s leaves went yellow then red in one week and are now almost all ripped off, probably because it is the tallest plant and gets the worst of the wind.

The Santolina has also been a monster this year, growing immensely then being split by winds. I’ve chopped it back several time taking away huge armfuls of prunings that equate to more growth than it’s produced in it’s entire previous life. It’s become so huge I may have to move it.




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