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25 Sep 2011
Rainy 17°C / 63°F

After a cold and rainy weekend, the sun came out today and I took the opportunity to move the compost heap to another section of the garden.

In our small inner-west backyard, the ‘heap’ is a smallish container which was supplied by the council for recycling purposes, until they changed their minds and use bins instead. With the bottom taken out this makes a good place to put green waste that is too coarse for the worms, layered with crumpled up cardboard. This is a lazy kind of compost, it doesn’t need stirring as the card makes air pockets which stop it getting smelly.

Lots of lovely compost there, and a nice spot to put a hungry plant (perhaps the rhubarb?)

The new position for the heap is dead centre of the patch where we grew the enormous pumpkin a couple of years ago; next will be a trellis around it to grow some beans or a melon around it. The seedlings are coming on nicely in the potting shed and some will be ready to plant in this garden next weekend.

Rather than obsessing about the onion weed coming up through the mulch I am taking the no-dig option in this patch, putting down a heavy layer of card and newspaper, then compost, manure and loads of mulch. I figure the bulbs will have to run out of energy eventually if I keep up smothering them…




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