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Spring Garden

16 Sep 2011
Sunny 27°C / 81°F

After a quiet time over Winter, the Spring weather has brought alot of activity in our garden, we have been planting seeds and clearing out the plants that have reached the end of their cycle.
Some are still placeholding: some lettuce and rocket are going to seed, and the brightly coloured red chard and kale will stay a little longer.
We pulled some big black radishes and purple carrots today, but have seeds for these in again as they have lovely leaves and are fun to grow.

The fig has burst into leaf, and the orange tree is heavy with blossoms!
As it seems barely able to support the weight of the flowers I imagine we won’t be able to have all that much fruit until it grows a little bigger.

Lots of seeds and seedlings coming up, looks like some busy days ahead!



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