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Entire Front Yard Mulched and Bentonite-ed! And more!

05 Sep 2011
Sunny 21°C / 70°F


Major progress in the front yard today!

The entire area (approx. 10×4m) was cleared of weeds and leaves- back to sand (except for my waterwise garden area which is already heavily mulched and planted, and a couple of other plantings and trees). Then we spread 40kg of Bentonite powder all over, raked it in and covered it with shredded tree mulch. About a week ago I used soil wetting agent, too. This should PERMANENTLY improve the water holding and hydrophobic properties of this whole area and keep the weeds away for a while. So yay. This will be great for all the native plantings I have planned for later this spring.

I used a tiny bit on the waterwise garden but as it was heavily mulched already I probably shouldn’t have. It didn’t ‘water in’ as well as I hoped it would.

We removed 2 rose bushes, inconveniently planted next to the lemon tree. Death to those pant-destroyers. Kept the best one which is in a better location behind a palm tree.

We have also destroyed much more of the vineyard garden in prep for its renovation; some vines have already broken dormacy….eep! Wriggle on, wriggle on….

Not quite finished in photos2+3, but we got there shortly after these were taken.




That was a big job!

Posted on 06 Sep 11 (over 4 years ago)

Sure was!! Back breaking for Farmer_Ben, exhausting for me. Good exercise though. :)

Posted on 06 Sep 11 (over 4 years ago)

You guys have made so much progress :) nice one

Posted on 09 Sep 11 (over 4 years ago)

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