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Propagating Rosemary

30 Aug 2011
Storms 31°C / 88°F

My mother is coming into town from Tennessee and doesn’t have a vegetable garden right now, so I thought I’d help her get started with some herbs she could go back with in a small box, as a carry on. She has a bright sunny bay window that would be perfect for growing herbs. Since she’s coming in a few days and will be here about a week, I started propagating herbs, so they’d be established enough for her to take back.

Rosemary was a natural choice. I just cut flexible, non-woody branch tips from one of my plants (about 3" – 4" long), took off about 1" – 1 1/2" of leaves and stuck each branch into an individual planting cell, filled with seed starting mix. A couple of days later, thanks to our warm, rainy weather, they seem to be firmly anchored into the soil. I plan on planting one of these new plants in my yard, so I can have a huge bush like I did before and propagate more to share with friends! Anyone need a rosemary, basil, Cuban oregano or other herb plant that I’ve got growing? Just let me know.




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