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Hurricane shmurricane.

26 Aug 2011
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So as most of the known universe is aware of, we are preparing for a major hurricane here in NJ. So why is it that there is no force strong enough to cause ANY members of my family to take ANY action?!

I called my God-Daughter in NYC. She lives in Queens – right where they are predicting the eye of the storm may plow through. Also, just a few blocks away from evacuation zone A. You would think she was packing. Well, you’d be wrong! When I called her to find out what she was doing, her response to me was “what hurricane?”. Mother of pearl! Really?!

After entire night of begging, pleading, and threatening, she finally grudgingly agreed to “ready the house”. Whatever that means. I have a distinct feeling that she said that only to get me off her back. Whatever.

Next on the list, my dear Dad. He completely ignored everything I said yesterday. This morning, when I tried to get him to at least get the bare minimum of essential supplies, he snapped at me, and acted as if I were a particularly annoying gnat. Then he proclaimed that at most a few sticks will fall from the trees. Has he been living under a rock?!!!! Every time we have a REGULAR thunderstorm, trees come down, there’s flooding, and we loose power. This is a HURRICANE. HELLO!

Then, there is my disabled friend, who lives alone in a trailer home that gets flooded during a drought, let alone a hurricane. He said he would “wait and see”. Did I mentioned that he is disabled and lives in a trailer home? Dear Lord!

Last, but certainly not least, is my DH. I asked him yesterday about taking some steps to protect ourselves. “Well yeah”, he replied, “I’m going to move the potted tomato closer to the house”.

Folks, stick a fork in me. I AM DONE!



Your family in the area is the complete opposite of mine! I hope everyone gets through the storm okay.

Posted on 28 Aug 11 (over 4 years ago)

How frustrating! If everyone gets through the storm safely they will all ask what on earth you were fussing about. If damage is done to life, limb and property, you will be too busy helping to say “I told you so”. I hope it is the former not the latter.

Posted on 28 Aug 11 (over 4 years ago)

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