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24 Aug 2011
Cloudy 17°C / 63°F

We’ve had a lot of rain recently. A LOT of rain. Which is great. We need all the rain we can get. It does mean that the lawns squelch when I walk on them and the garden beds turn to mud, but that’s ok. I just stay inside and watch sport on tv.

There are times, though, when I have to go outside. Mainly at rabbit mealtimes. And I got quite a surprise when, standing in what we call the Bunny Palace one evening last week when the ground beneath me suddenly gave way and I found myself 75cm lower than I had been a moment before, standing in our rabbits’ burrow. I don’t think the rain had done a lot of good to the strength of the burrow roof.

The Bunny Palace is basically a big cage, about 1.5m by 3m. We shut them away there at night to keep them safe from any neighbourhood cats or foxes. They have a hutch in there, and a burrow where they sleep at night and keep cool in summer. At least they used to have one.

I had done so much damage to the burrow that there was no way I could fix it up. So I filled it in, layer by layer, compacting it down so they could start digging again. And they have started digging again. But not in the Palace. Instead they’re burrowing under a garden bed. Unfortunately I’ll be filling this burrow in too. I’ll be interested to see where they dig next.



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