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Corn - blowdown again

18 Aug 2011
Storms 26°C / 78°F

Another whopper of a storm blew through this afternoon. Heavy rain, high wind and lightning. Nothing like they had in Pittsburgh, thankfully. But enough to knock over half of the corn down.

The area the corn is in this year is getting crossed off the “places I’ll plant corn”. I’m thinking the layout of the yard is such that any high winds are getting channeled to go right through those particular rows.

Easy fix. Don’t put corn there in the future.

They blew over to the post and rope… um… splint I came up with the last time. The stalks are all top-heavy with ears of corn so trying to get them vertical again will result in snapping the stalks. It doesn’t look pretty but what I’m doing is pulling the ears that are closer to the ground (which will thus become targeted by animals) but leaving the ones higher up to pull off they become targets of… me. LOL

So long as the stalks are only bent and not broken the corn should keep growing. That’s my hope and plan, anyhow.



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