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Azolla Progress Journal

19 Aug 2011
Sunny 26°C / 79°F

I started this out in a container in the greenhouse/duckhouse until it was sufficiently established to introduce some into the duck pond itself. It didn’t think it would stand a chance if introduced directly to the pond due to the hungry little duckies that eat everything in reach of their bills. The container was filled with nutrient rich water from the duck pond and sat atop a shelf in the greenhouse where it received filtered afternoon sun.

I have now moved the azolla to the verandah as the local wild bird life have discovered the duckhouse and pond and tend to perch on the shelf where the azolla was sitting. Their fluttering occasionally dislodges a pot from the shelf so I wasn’t taking any chances of losing the azolla. The greenhouse was also proving too dark, as being a tropical aquatic fern I had expect the plant to establish rather easily and quickly, which was not happening. Indeed, it seemed to be struggling instead.

I continue to top the container up with water from the pond and I am watching it closely awaiting new growth.




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