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Canned 9.25 quarts peach jam, 8.75 quarts of sliced peaches, 4 quarts Tomatoes

13 Aug 2011
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Received my second bushel of Peaches yesterday morning. Last night I made 4 batches of peach jam (9 half-pints/batch). A batch of jam takes 6 large peaches, so I hardly put a dent in 2 bushel (70.5 liter) of peaches. My barter resulted in 2 bushel, consisting of 232 peaches, which weighed in at 118 lbs. This morning I skinned and sliced peaches, made a simple syrup and canned 26 jars for my morning or late night bowls of cereal. My simple syrup is a bit under-sweetened, so I can add them to hotcakes, or layered between french toast slices this Winter.

I canned:

31 half-pint jars of peach jam
3 pint jars of peach jam
17 half pint jars of sliced peaches
9 pint jars of sliced peaches

I still have nearly a bushel left that I plan on freezing for shortcakes next winter, Of course I’ll save out some for Peaches & Cream Tarts, and a Peach Cobbler.

I skinned, de-seeded and canned 8 pints of crushed tomatoes this afternoon, but didn’t put much of a dent in my tomatoes. I have to get them canned before they go bad.




I have been following your canning reports with awe and jelousy. You must have an enormous pantry! Not to mention a huge family and many friends to help you eat all that goodness.

Posted on 13 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

I have a root cellar with one 10’ wide x 7’ high wall with solid shelves for canned goods. When I built my house I made sure I had plenty of storage space in the house as well, for my canned goods.

Posted on 13 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Wow! Impressive! Do you think you will actually manage to eat all of the stuff you have put up?

Posted on 14 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

We use 1 quart of Pasta Sauce per week plus supply my mother-in-law ( 75 Quarts ). I cook with crushed tomatoes at least once per week ( 75 Quarts ). My kid and her friends go through at least a half-pint of Strawberry Jam per week plus supply my MIL & SIL ( 100 half pints ). Everyone I know is addicted to my Sweet Pickles, so each fall I make 60 pints. We have green beans twice per week ( 100 pints ). My daughter puts peach jam on everything and goes through a pint per month, plus friends & family ( 60 half-pints). I eat canned peaches on my morning cereal about twice a week ( 50 half-pints ). I use peppers and onions for cooking, so I freeze about 150 pounds of each. I also freeze peach slices that I bake with all winter making tarts, cobblers, and pies. I freeze 100 pound of Blueberries that the whole family eats in Yogurt, plus I make Tarts, Pies, Pancakes, etc with them all year round. I freeze 40 pounds (bushel) of apple slices for making deserts. I also keep 300 pounds of potatoes in sandboxes in the root cellar. That lasts me well into May each year. I store carrots, beets, and onions in sand as well. A sandbox at 45F-50F will keep root-vegetables fresh for months. I also keep apples in sand that stay fresh till late January. I also have two upright freezers and a large chest freezer. Nothing goes to waste. We eat almost everything that we preserve. I strive for near self-sufficiency, though I have a long way to go, even with all my bartering.

Posted on 14 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

this post is making me hungry!

Posted on 14 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Fantastic hotwired! Wish I had the room to have a big store. It is so satisfying to see produce all stored away for the winter, even the modest amount of jam and chutneys I make. As a child I remember my mother bottling (canning) lots of produce – no freezer then. Reading all your journals about it has inspired me to have a (small) go this year. I’ll be on the lookout for suitable produce – stuff I don’t have in the garden – at the farmers market and pick-your-own.

Posted on 14 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

Well done hotwired – you have been very busy! Those peaches look delicious :)

Posted on 16 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)


Folia Helper

United States6b

Mmmmmmmm! I can smell those peaches from here! 8P

Posted on 18 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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