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10 Aug 2011
Storms 22°C / 72°F

My tallest sunflower blew over last night due to high winds. Honestly though, I’m glad I only lost one sunflower plant from wind than half the garden due to hail. We were on the tail end of a powerful storm that had softball sized hail and smaller that took out windshields, windows, and stripped corn fields. My mom got quarter sized hail, I’ve yet to hear what damage her garden suffered.
The butterfly is perched on the broken stem of the sunflower. I was surprised how good it turned out, my phone captures a lot of moments in the garden.
I’ve found two horned tomato worms now. The second was able to do some major stripping (pic 2) before I got a hold of him. They are so hard to see….
The tigger melons are in full production and starting to ripen. There are at least a dozen but probably more hanging all over the trellis. I have another sunflower planted next to this trellis and some of the vines have wondered over and are growing up it now. Throwing around some live trellis ideas for next year ;)
The last is a marigold growing in the full view garden. I didn’t plant any of the marigolds out front, they self-sow and have been coming up where ever they have room. I don’t mind, the little spots of orange and red look nice among the foliage.



Cool photo. It looks like her proboscis is out and she is drinking the sap from the sunflower!

Posted on 11 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

I love it when plants randomly appear in the garden. Nice surprises to discover!

Posted on 12 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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