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Why My Location Setting is Not = My Location

07 Aug 2011
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I still live in HI… but I hope to keep gathering useful zone11 gardening data from myFolia by setting my location to SanDiego.

You’ve likely seen ‘San Diego’ as my location lately. I dont live there any longer, but that is in fact where I used to be homed before moving to HI.
I also visit SD regularly to see family who still live there. So in that sense it’s ‘home’ of a sort because it’s a location for holiday gatherings and reunions.
I set someones Folia location as San D recently, as part of the process of showing friends and family how various features of this site work, this was during a visit ‘back home’.

Noticed that by having their location set to SanDiego I can see lots of very useful Zone11 planting and harvesting info for z11, probably the info is tabulated by this site from other SoCal gardeners. And this is info I would also like to have!
So then when I got back to my place in HI I tried setting my account to San Diego, and I was also able to see the z11 planting and harvesting info!

For instance, over the past 10 days while having my location set to SD Ive been able to see that this is a good time of year in Z11 to plant beans, radishes, carrots, and various flowers. And I can also see what other people are harvesting currently in Zone11. Tomatoes, cucumber, boysenberry, and some other things. And I can see that it’s a good time to transplant hydrangeas.

I really find all this z11 planting and harvesting info extremely useful as a gardener- but unfortunately I cannot get any of this awesome gardening info without leaving my location set to SanDiego. :(

Sadly, having my location set to HI has never produced any helpful info at all about planting or harvesting in HI- I only get the error message ‘Not enough data in your location’. Maybe there just arent enough Folians growing things in HI for the feature to work properly?

Regardless, Ive decided to leave my Location feature set to SanD, even tho Im not there anymore. Where I live isnt as important as my Zone, and its also really important to access as much helpful gardening info for my Zone as possible- even if I have to ‘borrow’ the beneficial data from San Diego by having my Location set to a city where I no longer live!

I may also occasionally set my location to other z11 locations which I dont live in. They would be places with a similar climate to HI, such as Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Australia, etc.
The idea is to gather planting and harvesting related information from those similar z11 areas, to provide additional gardening clues for my own climate and region.
Sorry if this causes any confusion!



Oh, my goodness! Thank you for clearing that up. I really thought my brain was faulty. I knew that there was someone I had been conversing with in Hawaii and it was driving me crazy because I thought it was you. Whew! I had remembered it so vividly since I lived in Mililani Town an unspeakable number of years ago.

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)

YW! :)

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)

I think I understand % – ).

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)


Folia Helper


Ah, I did wonder… I’ll go off my meds now that I know it’s not at my end. ;-)

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)

I, too, was rather puzzled – and a little disappointed…How could TangoFlowers have missed her location?!? I knew that she was a tango dancer living in the uke country!! ;-)
Now I see, same situation, here. ‘Not enough data in your location’ is what I usually read on my dashboard :-(

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)


Folia Helper

United Kingdom8a

Well that’s certainly cleared up a little mystery! I wondered why your location was set to Dan Diego & it seemed you lived in Hawaii!.

Posted on 09 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)

Oh my! I didn’t mean to start a huge journal entry! lol… Well, it was pretty obvious that your discrepancy in location was not a spamming thing- you have become quite the contributor to the site IMHO. :) I was thinking you maybe just had a mis-click when setting your location. It was funny because in one of your journal entries you said you were moving “within the same state” and I was like, ‘um… I may live in Canada, but I’m pretty sure San Diego is not in Hawaii!’

Posted on 11 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)

LOLbcgarden- u didnt start anything, this journal was already up here for days b4 u asked the question. :)
I often wish SanDiego were in Hawaii- sure would make trips back to see family much faster and cheaper!

Posted on 11 Aug 11 (almost 7 years ago)

I am glad to have had the chance to read this journal of yours because I can follow you without thinking you moved to SD. If there is any questions you need about gardening in Puerto Rico just shoot. I was born and raised there. I gardened there most of my life and I know what we can grow there and the downfalls.

Posted on 04 Sep 11 (over 6 years ago)

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