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Pruned or butchered?

05 Aug 2011
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I did it again, only I couldn’t wait until Winter…it started with climbing the tree to gather the remaining apples I couldn’t reach. Besides, I do love climbing trees. “Oh, this branch has been bugging me, one won’t hurt.” Then, “Well, this branch is dead, it won’t hurt.” Then….

My intention was not to stay in the tree for 3 1/2 hours gathering apples, picking moss of the trunk and branches, and pruning. In fact, I was only supposed to take 15 minutes or so…I was just waiting for the pie crust to chill for a little longer before going the the already heated oven.

I love that damn tree, and am angry at myself for letting my OCD take over. It needed another drastic pruning after so many years of neglect and even though I over did it last year…the tree rewarded us with beautiful apples this year. I can count on two hands the one’s I couldn’t use because of disease, insects or small and deformed. I pray, once again, the tree forgives me….

All that said, the tree looks good….much more fantastic fairytale tree abundant with shiny apples rather than old craggly, knarled haunted house tree with rotten apples used to throw at neighborhood kids.

The tree has to forgive me…it’s like a really good drastic haircut…she’s probably shocked but I hope that by next spring she grows to love it.




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