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Summer nakedness!

04 Aug 2011
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Now that all the spring show is done, the garden is naked… I have been so busy reno-ing the house, and landscaping I haven’t planned out my beds bloom times. It really shows, or in this case NOT.



its especially important for pollinators to have lots of summer blooming plants. You have plenty of options. Right now the bees are going beserk in my Seattle garden on crocosmia, “Rozanne” geranium, mallow, Eryngium, Nepeta, fireweed, daisies, spirea, penstemon, poppies, ornamental oregano…

Posted on 04 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

I have that problem in the winter. My back yard hill looks great in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter it’s dead as can be. I can’t figure out how to keep it looking good in the winter. Not great, just good.

Posted on 05 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

I made a trip to some local gardens to see what is blooming. I have lots of ideas…. once I figure out what the the plants are….

Posted on 08 Aug 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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