Seed Swaps

1 Month Old

01 Aug 2011
Rainy 26°C / 79°F

I need to survey this plot properly, to help in my RHS studies, and as soon as I amass all of the correct equipment for triangulation I will draw up a plan of the area, to scale. For now, at least, I am able to note the inescapable traffic/train/plane/drunkards/dogs noise, the neutral-alkaline soil, and take note of volunteer weeds:
My favourite weed is ‘Creeping Wood Sorrel’ (Oxalis Corniculata var. Atropurpurea), and I also have some of the much larger Wood Sorrel, which I think looks more like shamrocks than clover does. There’s a hell of a lot of very large plants I thought were Dog’s Mercury, but now could be figwort. I might have some hairy bittercress too. Must have more of a nose. There are a lot of cow parslies, which are becoming of a really impressive size; really beautiful plants. Things that are removed, though, are goosegrass (cleavers) and nettles. There are several borage plants, one of 50cm spread, which, because I find them pleasant, I am leaving for now. Also I’m letting their roots break up the rather awful building-site soil. Red (Blood) Sorrel has seeded everywhere. There is some herb robert and once there was a mushroom.

For 2011 vegetable harvests, I have dug 4 beds and sown… the things I have mentioned at the base of this journal entry. Hmm. Perhaps this will be a veggies collection of thought. My reason for sowing seeds for edible crops is one small step towards self sufficiency, or at least an experiment in that direction. The veg I am growing is for looks though. It’s as purple and curly as possible, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. After a week, all seeds have germinated, and I have too many swedes.

Perhaps I will leave it here. There is so much to say, like how the pansies are planted out, or I have recieved more gifts from the Horniman, or the tomatoes are being staked… but a journal must end somewhere, and maybe this abruptness will leave me with more of an incentive to make the survey. I shall return with that. :)




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