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27 Jul 2011
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The garden is full of colour even though the last sets of pictures seem to have been reds and pinks.

On my way back from the studio I heard an American Kestrel aka Sparrow Hawk (falco sparverius) fledgling screeching its head off. Even from the baby screech I could tell it was a merlin and eventually I spotted it. It threw itself with a couple of lumbering flaps from one tree to another, nearly missed its footing, screeched some more, and flapped untidily to another branch. It was fully fledged as I could see the characteristic markings on its tail feathers and wings. It was so odd to see a bird, which as an adult is such a fast and skilful flyer, in the very beginnning stages of learning to fly and not making a very good job of it. In a brief moment when the fledgling stopped calling, I realized that I could hear another kestrel calling, whether it was an adult or another fledgling I couldn’t see. The trees where all this was going on often has one or two kestrels on it.

I’ve rather neglected the Crinum which has been flowering steadily, these are I think its fifth and sixth flowering stems.




Love ‘Destined To See’ … both the bloom and the name!

Posted on 30 Jul 11 (about 8 years ago)

They all look lovely!

Posted on 04 Aug 11 (about 8 years ago)

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