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22 Jul 2011
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Things are a-changing. My partner has gotten a good job in Philadelphia. He is commuting for now, but that is expensive. He will move there and we will only see him on weekends. I will work on moving my mother to a care facility, and put her house on the market, then join him in Philly with our 14-yo daughter. That process could take a year.

The garden has just become something that I must also pack up. That is a bittersweet decision. I have always wanted to put her gardens to rights, and I had begun that task. But, the whole property is so over-run with invasive species that it will take years to get them under control. Instead of regretting what I did not get done, I will focus on the opportunities that will certainly arise in Philly, which has a strong urban gardening community.

I am going to focus on potting specimens of things I want to take with me. I’ll move some things to the gardens of family and friends – like the heirloom.peonies. I will sort tools and equipment. I will need to clear and mulch beds, to make them look presentable for potential buyers. No time to wait for compost to decompose.

And then.. I will need to find someplace to move, someplace to take these plants and this collection of equipment. So much to do. I am tired of moving from garden to garden. I want a piece of somewhere that I can STAY and build from year-to-year. Build soil, build a plant collection, build a routine of seasons, build a community of gardeners.





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Just did this. (The move to make husband’s commute less)
You have my sympathies.
If you decide to go NE suburbs of Pa, with good SEPTA train access, Bucks county, where I just left has decent schools and some good gardening potential. I’d say buy my house, but I really don’t want it hanging around on the market that long.
If you decide to go NW suburbs, where I live now…look me up!

Good luck with the whole process. It takes time, and part of it is grieving for what you are leaving and the plans that are now never to be finished.

Posted on 24 Jul 11 (almost 5 years ago)

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